More Prosecutorial Lies...

Judge Again Cites Lies by U.S. Witnesses

The supreme irony of this case is that I can almost guarantee that proseuctors were doing their little joy dance when the feds took this guy after a stop by an NYPD detective. What makes it both so funny and so sad, is that the obviously absurd testimony--what cops have called testilying for years, would have been accepted by almost any state court judge. I'm hard pressed to think of more than a scant few who would ever, ever question a detective's credibility in a simple traffic stop case even when it's obviously crap.

Bravo for Gleeson. At least a few Federal judges have some courage. And as for the Federal prosecutors--shame on them. They knew what kind of crap they had--they knew what the testimony was going to be. They should have reemed out the detective and dismissed the case. The only wonder is that knowing they had a crap case, they didn't "clean it up" whether that's arrogance or decency I know not. I think in State DA's offices cleaning up the testimony is known as "witness preparation"--an Orwellian or Republican term for suborning perjury.

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