It's good to be a prosecutor

Gotta Love This: The Brooklyn DA's son--himself an Assistant District Attorney gets a skate for crashing his county owned car into an embankement. Oh did I mention the empty beer bottle in the car and the reports of earlier drinking?

I can just imagine how many of these cases Kevin Hynes has himself refused to dismiss. After all he, his daddy, and his ilk, are 'tough on crime' unless it's perpetrated by an insider--then, amazingly there's insufficient forensic evidence.

In any other context, this would be called a 'circumstantial case'. But when it's an ADA--a hallowed law enforcement official--then it's called a 'no case'.

For shame!

The New York Times > New York Region > Ex-Prosecutor Avoids Charge of Drinking

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Anonymous said...

If you knew anything about criminal law you would know that absent a test or direct observation by a cop, DWI is impossible to prove. Your absolute ignorance or prejudice is showing.