The Greater of Two Evils

In this article about the race for Manhattan DA, the times reports that "Leslie Crocker Snyder plans to mount a serious challenge to Robert M. Morgenthau, the longtime Manhattan district attorney" That's not itself news, but the fact that she was encouraged to run by law enforcement unions after Morganthau released the kids in the central park jogger case should give you some idea of just how appalling and repellent this woman is.

In her years on the bench, Snyder was one of the most awful, disgusting, pro-prosecution jurists ever, routinely handing out extreme sentences, gloating over convictions, and regularly trampling over defendants and their attorneys. Her judicial temperament was closer to avenging wacko than to sage. She was, in short the kind of judge that could use her judicial career to position herself to run for prosecutor. Now THAT's terrifying.

I'm not a big fan of voting for DA's to begin with, but please--if you are in fact a Manhattan resident--do NOT vote for this woman.

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