My Latest OpEd (NY Times)

Titled 'Put Down Your Gun', this is my latest NYT Op-Ed.


Bill said...

You didn't mention the judges who are armed. Quite a few are, and I always find it somewhat jarring to see a holster on a judge's ankle during a sidebar. The fact that there are judges who are packing tells you everything you need to know about why your proposal won't fly. Too bad-- I'd be fine with the gun free zone.

Indefensible said...

Bill--you're absolutely right--I've seen it myself many times.

Actually my initial draft contained a few lines addressing our fetishistic attachment to weaponry but alas they ended up on the cutting room floor. You might like them though...

"The legal possession of a weapon is the ultimate fetish item for the us-versus-them set. Suggest disarming some group even vaguely affiliated with law enforcement and they go (ok forgive me this one) ballistic."

Thanks for the comment.