When a Cop Turns PD

Thisoutstanding article chronicles what happens when a police officer actually switches sides and becomes a public defender.

Of course, few people out there ever really hold it against an ex-prosecutor when they become a white collar defense lawyer. But how do cops react when one of their own becomes a public defender? Just like cops--with threats, intimidation and baseless allegations. Ah read on...

After the PD testified as an expert on police practices, the cops, in their newsletter ran an article essentially soliciting people to make disciplinary complaints.

"“If you confided with Ed about fudging a report, engaging in undetected misconduct, harboring ill will toward a particular person or class of persons, prior discipline, poor evaluation, or even making a mistake, you have shared private and confidential information,” if he violated that confidence, the newsletter urged, they should report him to the disciplinary committee.

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