Pretty much every time I travel I wonder why I don't do it more. Sure, I'm blogging from the sort of 'cool' coffee shop one could find in almost any american city, and yes, I'm drinking only a slight variant of the iced decaf I'd get at home. There are pretty women in fashionably tight shirts and men with canny disaffected looks and in a way it all seems very familiar. but strewn on the table is the Portland Forecaster and the Portland Phoenix with a headline blaring "Hot wet and out of control" Portland in 2106--global warming local impact... And outside, I can get fried belly clams (I will soon) and walk down old cobble-stoned streets while still getting my e-mail and smelling the salt air. It's the perfect combination of familiar and new, connected and novel.

Note to self: Just say yes to anything involving travel.

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Anonymous said...

yes you should travel, and stay there