A second reason to be rich...

Generally speaking, I'm not big on stuff. I live, perfectly happily, in a tiny studio apartment, (it's about 380 sq. feet in case you wondered what I defined as tiny) and have never owned a new car. Generally speaking, other than a new computer every few years, my consumption of durable goods approaches zero. There are several benefits of this predilection: first, I don't get overly attached to stuff because I just don't have it. Pretty much, you'll never hear me complain about something that's scratched or dented or broken. That's just how hit's supposed to be. Secondly, my reasonably modest income remains, by and large available for the infrequent but brilliant splurge.

Splurge you ask...Well let me tell you.

The first and only time I went heliskiing, I actually thought to myself, "if I had as much money as god, this is what I'd spend it on." In a single day I blew almost 500 bucks for 5 ski runs. It absurd. It was also the best 500 bucks I've ever spent.

My idea of heaven...

Worth every penny.

Anyway, other then heli, I hadn't had that many experiences that made my think--now this is worth being rich for, but I had a last night heaven help me, in a gorgeous dining room designed by one of my favorite architectsRichard Meier. There, I ate for the first time in my life, a raw kobe beef salad (one of the more exquisite things ever) and what was undoubtedly one of (or likely the) best steak of my life: Wagyu.

Here's the beef!

Now if, like me you're an adrenaline junkie, for god sakes, just pay the money and go heliskiing. And if, like me you love to eat, and you love to eat meat, All I can say is: Walk, don't run to the nearest purveyor of Wagyu beef and buy yourself a little bit.

You won't be sorry.

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That Guy said...

The ski thing looks totally awesome.