Uh-Oh Alberto...

In an ad in the Washington Post today, a number of his old Law School Classmates Criticize AG Alberto Gonzales.

In an open letter they say: "As lawyers, and as a matter of principle, we can no longer be silent about this administration’s consistent disdain for the liberties we hold dear,” those classmates said in a letter to Mr. Gonzales today. “Your failure to stand for the rule of law, particularly when faced with a president who makes the aggrandized claim of being a unitary executive, takes this country down a dangerous path.”

While I don't think you need to go to Harvard to understand this one, I'm glad a bunch of those who did, do.

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Anonymous said...

What about comey's (the acting attorney general when Ashcroft was incapacitated with a pancreatic disorder) testimony yesterday that he received a call from FBI director Mueller to go to Ashcroft's hospital room to prevent Abu Gonzalez and Andrew Card from convincing Ashcroft to overrule Comey and attest that that warrantless eavesdropping program was legal? comey testified that the f-ing director of the FBI told the security detail to make sure Comey was kept in the room, presumably because he was concerned that Abu G. and Card would get Ashcroft to sign a document overruling Comey. Apparently Ashcroft said no way and then said that it didn't matter as he wasn't acting atty general anyway, at that point. Only later, when Ashcroft, comey and others at Justice threatened to resign if the program was continued, was it changed. So the question is, since we know little about the program, what about it made Ashcroft prepared to resign?