"I can learn!" whines Wacko Judge

Remember wacky judge Cheryl Aleman? The one called an "Evil Unfair Witch" by Sean Conway? (Conway--a hero to readers like us-- also described her “ugly, condescending attitude” and exposed how she forced lawyers to choose between unreasonable trial dates or waiving the right to a speedy trial.)

The Evil One...

Well Conway may have been brought up on charges before the Bar Association for his pointed remarks, but ah, blessed justice, Aleman has been FOUND GUILTY AT TRIAL

Yes it's true, and the Judicial Qualifications Commission recommended the state's highest court should punish Alemán for what it said was "arrogant, discourteous and impatient" conduct. Thank heavens we have people like Conway to point out and publicize the shortcomings of arrogant judges like Aleman.

So just how evil and witchy is she? At trial the comission found that Alemán, unfairly threatened to hold defense attorneys in contempt of court and set unreasonable time limits for lawyers to prepare important court documents.

In particular, in Alemán's first death penalty case, she turned down requests from the Broward Public Defender's Office to disqualify herself during jury selection and gave the attorneys, one of whom had campaigned for her election opponent, 15 minutes to write a complicated legal argument. When they missed the deadline, she threatened to hold them in contempt. Charming.

And what's her response? She doesn't even want a reprimand and thinks she should get reimbursed for the costs of her defense. Why? 'Cause she's "teachable"

Teachable my ass. She's presided by her own account over 10,000 cases--that's ten thousand cases too many. There have been more than enough victims of her presence on the bench already.

Judge Aleman and her colleague and defender Eileen O'Connor bring shame on Broward County and on the judiciary. They both should have been removed from the bench long ago.

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