The Party of Hunger: House Republicans Pass Deep Cuts in Food Stamps...


I'm simply at a loss as to how to explain the thinking behind this move politically.  And I think my confusion says a lot about the fundamental differences in the way Republicans and Democrats think.  I'm not talking about a policy difference here.  Obviously they're for this, I'm against it.  But it's the political calculus that befuddles me.  How can making more kids hungry play for them, unless at the core of their ideology is a kind of furious vindictiveness.  It's literally like saying: "Fine.  If you don't want to do your chores (work) you'll go to bed hungry."  And while this kind of punishment might work once with a kid, and it might appeal deeply to the moralistic core of you-reap-what-you-sow republicanism, it is such a simplistic and myopic way to see the world I have to think that they are vulnerable on this politically.  

You don't send your kid to bed hungry when they don't do their chores because they have the flu. You don't send your kids to bed hungry, when you actually PREVENT them from doing their chores, and you certainly don't refuse to feed the kid's pet rabbit because you prevented them from doing their chores and thus sent them to bed hungry...

This seems the perfect example of who republicans are and what they truly stand for.  Why aren't we talking about it?

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