Sentence: surgical castration

"In a rare penalty for a sex crime, a Covington child rapist agreed Tuesday to undergo surgical castration and serve 25 years in jail rather than face a possible life sentence."

Obviously, this is of some concern -- in particular the coercive potential of alternative sentences.


Anonymous said...

It's only of "some concern" to pencil-neck whining leftist defense lawyers.

To those of us inhabiting the real world, where children are continually at risk of these predators, castration is getting off easy. They should execute the bastard.

Blonde Justice said...

Actually, not that I think this is the point AT ALL, but I think that studies have shown that castration doesn't do anything to deter sex offenders from continuing to fantasize about young victims, and in some cases even continuing to kidnap or molest. I don't have any studies to link to, but I'm pretty sure I've seen them before.

Regardless, I guess to someone like the anonymous commenter it would still be worthwhile as a punishment. And still be a concern to those of us who care about justice.