Starting the Year in the NYT

Good Morning and happy New Year!
My first piece of the year was published today in the New York Times Arts and Leisure section. It's called We Find the Defendant Not Guilty (if That's O.K. With Everyone) and is the more polished version of my earlier musings about the show "In Justice" originally posted here.

So a big thanks to Jeff Sherr in Kentucky who originally sent me the link to the new show and piqued my interest.

"In Justice" premiers tonight (though the second episode is a bit better than the first).


Anonymous said...

You are welcome. Great thoughts in the piece. I'm looking forward to seeing the show tonight and hopefully over time it can develop into a positive representation of the work of innocence projects. I'm convinced that shows like "24" on Fox have an impact on how the audience views the use of torture in interrogation. Other works of fiction whether it is a show like this or a classic like "To Kill a Mockingbird" have an impact on policy makers and jurors.

Anonymous said...

I guess in your world view prosecutors and cops can never be good guys, only villains. Did you catch the repeated derogatory comments about "public defenders" in the show?
The piece seemed better suited to the Opinion section.
Not that you will, but as an experienced public defender please tell us what percentage of your criminal clients have been in didn't do it or drive the getaway car??