A New Slate Article

Thanks to a quick writing binge on tuesday night and unusual lucidity on the plane yesterday, I have a new piece on Slate.

It makes the case that what was unusual about what Carla Martin did in the Moussaoui case was that she did it by e-mail, thus making it undeniable. This really isn't about what she did (prosecutors do it all the time) but that fact that she left an electronic trail.


Anonymous said...

Prosecutors violate rules on witnesses "all the time?" Really, you must write another book and tell us all about it. Hopefully you will add all the facts you have to back up such a broad brush smear. What, no facts, just your "anecdotal" evidence? Maybe you need to move out of NY since the state is crammed with devilish, rights-violating prosecutors and find a state with principled prosecutors.

Anonymous said...

"Just imagine..."

Unfortunately, the majority of the readers of this blog KNOW what occurs in courtrooms and prosecutor's offices around the country. But, we also realize that nobody really cares about street criminals being denied their constitutional rights. It take a high profile case like this to raise the country's awareness of "justice."

Anonymous said...

It now appears that there is a deeper story than just one runaway lawyer.
Link below to 3/17/06 Miami Herald via the AP.

Lawyers: witness coaching aids 9/11 suit

Anonymous said...

Well we all know that since Tom McKenna doesn't coach witnesses, none of is other colleagues in the fight to "confound the wicked" could possibly be engaged in such shennanigans. He demands hard evidence of this - examples, cases, dates, times. Funny how none of this is needed to get a judge to sign a search warrant in Virginia....
Of course Tom often cannot be bothered to provide evidence for his bald assertions either, but he is a good guy, you see - not a filthy defense attorney. I'm sure that he will think that this is moral equivelance reasoning: demanding that he hold himself to the same standard he holds others in argument. It isn't and to say it is is sophistry, but remember - he is a GOOD GUY.