Andrew Thomas--over everyone's dead body...

Arizona deserves what it gets. Maricopa county already has an imbecilic sheriff who likes to make inmates wear pink underpants

Shameful "Sheriff Joe"

But now come a rabid prosecutor whose Policy Shift on the Death Penalty has overwhelmed the Arizona Court system. According to the NY Times:

"During his two years in office, Andrew P. Thomas, the county attorney, has nearly doubled the number of times that the office has sought the death penalty, even though the number of first-degree murder cases prosecuted by the county has remained more or less the same for a decade.

A policy change that he enacted has contributed to a backlog of capital cases here that has crippled the county’s public defender system, left roughly a dozen murder defendants without representation, and prompted rancor and demoralization in the agencies that defend capital cases."

Mr. Death Penalty Himself

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Anonymous said...

An eye for an eye, dumbass. Maybe someone should let them out and they can live with you since you believe thier punishment is too harsh.