Woody Harrelson's Father Dies in Prison - New York Times

Charles Harrelson, died of a heart attack in the Supermax federal prison where he was serving two life sentences for the murder of a federal judge, officials said Wednesday.

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David Tarrell said...

This is off-topic but wanted to make sure you'd seen the FBI memos (disclosed in the latest document dump in the USA story) that describe reasons why the FBI was opposed to the Nev. USA's proposal to record all custodial interrogations. Like Jerry Maguire, soon after he raised this idea, he was fired, or, as Bush puts it "resigned."

The memo, which opposes the idea states, "agents have successfully testified to custodial defendants' statements for generations with only occasional and rarely successful challenges.... as all
experienced investigators and prosecutors know, perfectly lawful and acceptable interrogation techniques do not always come across in recorded fashion to lay persons as a proper means of obtaining information from defendants."

It goes on to say, "Initial resistance may be interpreted as involuntariness and misleading a defendant as to the quality of the evidence against him may be unfair deceit."

Interestingly, in the original FBI document, someone has handwritten the words "So we want to hide the truth? Don't want the jury to reach its own judgement?" in the

The document can be viewed at the link below.