I guess we're headed to Canada

RAISING THE BAR Premieres Fri., Jan. 9 on CTV

Kinda cool eh?


Grace said...

Well, I personally see nothing wrong with Raising the Bar. As a drinking game. Everytime reversible error occurs in the courtroom, do a shot. You'll be drunk before the first commercial break.

Indefensible said...

Hi Gracie,

Thanks for the comment, though I'm not sure I agree. Where are the errors? Of course, you could be pouring triples, or possibly just a wonderfully cheap date. I am curious though.


Grace said...

Hahaha! Nope. Not pouring triples, but to be honest, I can't remember the specifics that occured, but I do remember many times yelling at the TV, "reversible error! He/She can't say that!" I yell at my TV a lot. I also am assigned to the criminal appeals division of the prosecutors office right now so I tend to catch these things. But since I do like the show, I promise I will take note when the show comes back on and let you know!

PS. Nice blog. :-)

Grace said...

And... errr... of course, after googling your name and realizing you weren't just a fan, but actually created the show, now I feel like a huge a**hole.

Let's just pretend this never happened, shall we?

I shall leave this blog now! :-)