TNT Cancels Mark-Paul Gosselaar's Raising the Bar - E! Online



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Kati said...

I'm not surprised. Would you like to know why? Because it was a really decent show. And we all know those never last--they don't even stand a chance. Not with all the substandard, junky, brain-dead shows they can replace them with. You know, reality tv, or teeny-bopper shit, or psychic bullshit, or some laugh-track, dime-a-dozen sitcom. Makes me sick.

David, you're awesome, your book is awesome, and your show ROCKS. So fuck the haters. :)

0pinion8ed said...

My favorite show, was really looking forward to the next season. I thought I read earlier in the year that it was the most popular show on cable.

I thought it mirrored the actuality very well and was pleased that at last, ordinary people would begin to understand the imperfections of our criminal justice system and it would help to generate the needed change. Alas and, I suppose, alack... it is not to be.

Unless... you can find a new market.