I Got Translated

In a moment of utter solipsistic glee, I just found this spanish version of my LA Times OpEd. To read it using Google's automatic translation service, click here. of The re-translated version is fantastic--a total hoot.

My bio (remember this is a completely narcissistic entry) reads:

David Feige is defending public. Its book ' Indefensiblé, on the system of penal justice, will be published east year by the Little publishing house, Brown.

Some other bits:

This Californian year will spend more than 5 trillions of dollars to maintain its system of prisons, with many of the 31,000 guards of prisons of the state winning more than the teachers of the state schools. The Dannenberg decision relegates to all a category of inmates to the whims of the political kingdom, where their fortunes are dictated by the attitudes towards the crime more than on the rehabilitation, proportionality, justice or common sense.

Or: Satisfactory as it can be in the creation of an extraordinarily punitive system of prisons, to leave to thousands of inmates without any hope it is not only one brutality, but in addition tenebrous, because as any guard will say to you, a prison without hopes is a dangerous place.

Cool huh?

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