My Latest OpEd (LA Times)

Click here to read my latest OpEd on the California Supreme Court's decision in In Re Dannenberg. It ran in the Los Angles Times today under the headline: A Prison Without Hope Is a Dangerous Place


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your cogent and compelling op ed in the LA Times today.

On the day the Dannenberg decision came down, I was at the California Institute for Women at Chino for my weekly meditation circle . One of the women in the group, a "famous" prisoner who has been there 30 years or so, said of the CA Supreme Court: "I have forgiven them; they do not know what they are doing." She is a lot farther along on the spiritual path than I, and is just the sort of person you describe in your article: transformed, but unfortunately with less hope now than before.

I had not known of you and your work until the article. I look forward to your book, and am grateful that you are speaking and writing about this forgotten group of people. I often feel powerless to change anything, but I will say that it is a surprise and a privilege to be with them.

Indefensible said...

Thanks so much. Writing is often like shouting into the void--friendly echoes are always appreciated. Keep up the great work, and keep encouraging those you know on the inside to be strong.