Let Jamie Olis Go!

This piece from the CS Monitor uses Jamie Olis's outrageous sentence to frame some of the issues in the post Booker world.

I've never been a big softie on white collar sentencing, but Jamie Olis got severely screwed. Henry Blodget my fellow slatester
did a nice job of pointing this out. It is high time he (like so many others) got a sentence reduction.

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MM said...

Since you have written about Jamie Olis before I wanted to give you an update on the new representation of Olis by John O'Quinn. O'Quinn will be available for comment on this case after he hand-delivers a courtesy copy of the attached Petition for Writ to Judge Sim Lake at the Federal Courthouse at 515 Rusk, Tuesday, October 9 at 10:00 AM . O’Quinn will be accompanied by Monica Olis, the wife of Jamie Olis.

O’Quinn’s basis for the Writ is:

Newly discovered evidence of prosecutorial misconduct
Olis was wrongfully convicted by virtue of the fact what he was indicted for- was not what he was convicted of and was therefore unconstitutional
The real conspiracy is between the prosecutors and leadership of Dynegy to convict Jamie Olis.

Here is the news release information:

Attorneys say: Misconduct by Federal Prosecutor Denied Jamie Olis His American Right to a Fair Trial

Houston, Texas October 8, 2007- Lead defense attorney, John O’Quinn announces today a Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus has been filed to free Jamie Olis from prison.

The basis of the writ request is that Jamie Olis was wrongfully convicted. The writ request charges Olis did not receive a fair trial because of misconduct by the prosecution. This prosecutorial misconduct was recently discovered after the wrongful conviction and imprisonment of Mr. Olis had already occurred.

Olis’s defense team is led by John O’Quinn and includes Ms. Tammy Tran, Mr. Lloyd Kelley, Mr. Ted Cassman, Ms. Cris Arguedas Jr., Mr. Raphael M. Goldman, Mr. Pete Mai and Mr. David Tang