Death 31 Years After Shooting Leads to a Murder Indictment

Welcome to the Bronx where, a death 31 years after a non-lethal shooting, has caused the DA to file murder charges.

Prosecutors decided to pursue the murder charge after the medical examiner’s office determined that the decedent's death at age 65 (in 2005) had been caused by the 1974 shooting for which the defendant had served time for assault in the 70's.

The Bronx DA

Let's think about that for a second. What that means is that all those clients we plead on assault cases are basically in jeopardy forever. So, practice note to all my former colleagues and anyone practicing in New York these days: Given this rather absurd policy, it seems like a new condition of any plea should be an agreement not to re-classify the case after a certain period of years.

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