One of the worst convictions ever

A San Diego jury convicted Cynthia Sommer in what can only be called a case of "Trial by Character Assassination". This appalling verdict explains why some prosecutors think they can get away with bringing charges even when utterly unsupported by the evidence.

How sad.

I should note that Ms. Sommer's defense attorney Robert Udell (with whom I was on C.TV this morning) did her a real disservice by putting up up to testify, and then failing to even elicit a denial. It's pretty shameful.


kirovs said...

This verdict is as un-American as it gets. Why don't we corner every girl/boy having extra(pre) marital sex and accuse them of something?

jon said...

She was arranging a $5,400 dollar breast surgery days before her husband died with only $280 dollars. Her actions spoke volumes. How come she didnt party and spend money like she did before his death? Thats because he probly would have divorced her she would have got nothing, and they were in financial trouble. This case is just like Scott Petersons case! Who else would be motivated to kill him except herself with her high society life? She partied like a whore after he died, buying bigger breast and throwing expensive parties where she slept with numberous men. She left to mexico to wet tee-shirt contests and whored around there. She moved to florida 2 months after his death and was already engaged to another marine. She was a bitch and whore for what she did to an honorable man of service. She deserves worse than she got watching him die slowly and painfully with no regret while she partied or even in the DAMN courtroom. Your ignorant to the obvious evidence of her actions. Good thing you dont run this country or people wouldnt be making life insurance policies fearful of their lives.

Anonymous said...

*Jon* pretty sad that your able to judge someone the way you did.Calling her names is PATHETIC!
There is a big difference between Cynthia Sommer & Scott Peterson. But apparently your to ignorant to figure that out.

Are you a Cynthia Sommer supporter? Visit here

Anonymous said...

She consulted a plastic surgeon while her husband was gravely ill and knowing that she won't be able to pay for it - that's not normal.

Guilty or not, the current justice system evolved over many centuries - is the best we have. Accept it and move on. No Internet blog will turn the conviction around. Spend your energy and time on more productive activities such as helping disabled people.

Anonymous said...

Cynthia Sommer is innocent.
Read the real story here:


If we allow them to get away with what they did to this woman,
we have no right to complain when it happens to us.

Anonymous said...

Todd Sommer was not murdered...
not by his wife, not by anyone.

No way I'm buying the BS the prosecution is selling.


modayear said...

SIXTEEN breaks in the chain of custody for those tissue samples from the organs Cindy willingly donated…

NO LINK between Cindy and arsenic - she didn’t research it, she didn’t discuss it, and she didn’t purchase it…

NO paper trail.

The Medical Examiner, Glen Wagner, was baffled by the results of the heavy metals testing, so he contacted his old colleague, Jose Centeno.

Centeno admitted that he initially had reservations about the test results and considered whether the tissues had been contaminated. Centeno said, “I had never seen such high levels of arsenic.”

In the e-mail he sent to Wagner, Centeno said he was surprised by the high levels of arsenic found in the liver and kidney, which were inconsistent with the negative results in the blood and urine. He said he had considered, and then rejected the possibility, that the samples could have been contaminated upon collection.

WHY did he reject that possibility?

WHY was the Death Certificate Amended?

This should have never been labeled a murder; and therefore, should have never made it to a jury.

The scientific evidence does not support death by arsenic poisoning. There is no evidence Todd was murdered.

Todd Sommer was not poisoned. The first mistake was when they labeled this a murder… the second was when they said Cindy did it… Correct the first mistake, and the second one corrects itself.

Think about it! This could be YOU or somebody you love.

To sit back hoping that someday, someway, someone will make things right is to go on feeding the crocodile, hoping he will eat you last - but eat you he will. Ronald Reagan

p.s. to David Feige -
Thank you so much for your astute observations on this case.

Anonymous said...

Non widows/widowers can make all the judgements about behavior they want, but they are clueless about the overwhelming feelings that can make you feel like you are going crazy. I am a widow but I was much older, so didn't react quite the same way. I got on the phone to credit card companies the very next day, to cancel them because I was so afraid I would use them. I didn't sleep the first night, either. I have always spent more than I earned. My husband had told me two months before he died to go find a husband within two months of his death, but his friends sure acted interested. I had to leave town to escape their lears. I tried to find someone, but couldn't, and never even had a date or boyfriend for years. I did feel clingy when around protective men. The facts that she didn't cry at this time or another time when expected by the clueless don't mean a thing. I can't cry in front of people, but cried uncontrollably all night long, even recently after almost 6 years. I was brought up to not show feelings in public. My nurse mother told me about women who tried to jump the funeral directors after their husbands died, while the body was still in the funeral home. Disgusting, but not a motive, just a real feeling of a need for a human connection. I also clung to my husband's coat all night for several months. There are too many questions about this death to sentence a mother of 4 children who already lost one parent. It makes me afraid of the government.

modayear said...

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Anonymous said...

A particularly stupid whore got away with murdering a Marine. Sadly, this case offends me on many levels.

In terms of executing a well planned, undetectable crime, she didn't set the bar very high, yet the DA failed to clear it.

Making an appointment for an expensive boob job that your deeply indebted ass couldn't possibly pay for without your husband's life insurance policy is not subtle. Neither is sleeping with half his fucking unit immediately after his death. Nor is enthusiastically participating in various wet t-shirt contests.

Circumstantial evidence? Perhaps, but view her actions in the context of a widow with a recently deceased husband and four grieving minor children.

Whine about evidence if you will, but you know better, ... I hope.

Anonymous said...

Moderator, you sir, are a douche.

That is all.

Anonymous said...


SAN DIEGO, CA, April 17, 2008 -

Cynthia Sommer, who was once convicted of killing her Marine husband with arsenic, was cleared April 17, 2008, after new tests showed no traces of any poison.

Todd Sommer was not murdered, yet his widow spent 869 days in jail for a crime that never happened.

WHAT SHOULD NOT BE FORGOTTEN is that this case is still not over. The District Attorney has stated that she still wants to leave the case in such a manner that she could re-charge Cindy at some point in the future!

Cindy and her attorney, Allen Bloom, want this case fully dismissed - with prejudice - as soon as possible. Towards that end, a hearing has been set in the Superior Court of San Diego County to determine if the case should be dismissed once and for all time. This hearing - currently scheduled for July 18, 2008, with a "status" hearing scheduled for May 16, 2008 - will present extensive evidence as to why Cindy's case should, because of the evidence in the case and the improper conduct of the District Attorney, be dismissed once and for all.

DA Bonnie Dumanis and her hand-puppet Laura Gunn should be ashamed of themselves!

People of San Diego County - be afraid, be very afraid.