"It's All Bush's Fault" Says Liberals

Actually, yes. If our tragic experience with the New Orleans hurricane tells us anything, it is just how bankrupt and idiotic republican policies are. Guns good, government bad is nice as a slogan, but doesn't really work when the chips are down, and the casinos are sinking.

Why are people starving at the Superdome? Where are our choppers and MRE's and National Guard? This is shameful, and it's the sort of thing it would be well to remember next time Bush wants to eliminate the estate tax. The billions in revenue from the 20,000 richest families pays for things like saving, and feeding and clothing those left homeless and hungry and naked by Katrina.

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Melissa said...

You forgot the part where a big chunk of levee money was diverted from 2001 onward to pay for the war against terror.