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A pro-marijuana group based in Washington, D.C., is looking for activists in seven states to build grass-roots support for legalized marijuana, with the eventual goal being to get the drug legalized for all adults.

Potential Applicant

The nonprofit Marijuana Policy Project is targeting New Hampshire, Arizona, Delaware, Idaho, Maine, Montana and Oregon.

The effort is in its infancy, and project officials emphasize they have no master plan for the seven states.

Instead, the group is looking for local activists whose efforts would be funded by the project's grant program. The eventual goal is to put marijuana in the same category as alcohol, with the same kind of taxes and regulation.

Now I have to think that given how absurd the war on drugs is, and how many committed public defenders read this blog, that the organizers should have no problem filling these positions. Click above to get the link...

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Anonymous said...

No question this "grass roots" effort would best be lead by the dope-head leftist whining defense bar.