A must read.

They knew. Everyone knew. FEMA knew. This from the Houston Chronicle in 2001. I admit, it scared me.


Anonymous said...

So did the mayor and the governor of the state. Who had immediate responsibility for those now submerged buses that could have evacuated the poor of the city? Bush or the mayor?

He's no Rudy.

Anonymous said...

National Geographic and IIRC Popular Science had articles about it years ago too.
I recall reading (I think from the NGS article) that there was something like 200,000+ body bags sitting in storage, ready to be used in case a hurricaine hit.

Melissa said...

They all knew and there's enough screw ups to go around. The difference between New York and New ORleans is that New York still had phones and the ability to evacuate the premises. The people in New Orleans were just stuck. Also, New Orleans is a much poorer city so I'm not sure they had much extra money to aid people.

Anonymous said...

There are certain Americans Bush cares about, and certain ones he does not care about. Do you honestly think he would have waited five days if the hurricane had struck Mobile, AL instead? Do you honestly think 9/11 would have come to pass if the targets were Houston oil refineries?