Had to take a break to mention...

That the Little, Brown & Co spring catalog is out and INDEFENSIBLE is in it.

I must admit, this feels pretty cool--and it makes the whole process seem very, very real, and very immediate. Obviously, I'll blog about the process as it continues toward what I hope will be a May/June publication date.

But for now--here, for the first time, a look at my little page in the spring catalog, including a glimpse of what the cover of the book might look like:

Cool huh?


David Tarrell said...

Very cool. I'm envious as hell. I wrote a rough draft of a novel called "Diary of a Public Defender" and want to see it published soon as well. I've done what I know how to do (write) but I haven't done much lately since publishing is something i know little about. I'll read your posts about the process. I met you at NCDC in 2003.
david tarrell,omaha, nebr.

Blonde Justice said...

Very cool. I look forward to reading it.