Thanksgiving Feast...

One of the coolest things my old office does, is throw a thanksgiving for clients. Every year, our homeless and hungry clients can count on a decent meal and a festive atmosphere. I't some of the best food in the Bronx, and one of my favorite occasions of the year. Sadly this is the first year I won't make it.

Of course, One of the worst parts about working up there, is the utter lack of decent food. Up near Supreme Court, there is a Burger King and an old deli where Judges, court officers, ADA’s and defense lawyers stand cheek by jowl waiting for mediocre club sandwiches. And across the concourse, near the criminal court, there is a food court where the aggressively obese can choose from various fried fast food flavors. Finally, down a bit further, near my office, is the dirty sandwich bodega where for five bucks I can get a sloppy helping of rice, beans and an indeterminate protein product. For years, I ate every lunch at the same place: The Feeding Tree—a superb hole-in the wall serving phenomenal Caribbean food. They demolished it though-- to make room for a new, even larger criminal courthouse. So now, on a good day I eat at the gas station—a new British Petroleum station which because of it’s corporate standardization, brings croissants and salads to the South Bronx. And the gasoline fumes aren’t too bad.

Have the urge to make a thanksgiving day donation to The Bronx Defenders--the most righteous public defender office in this great nation of ours? Just click here...

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Indefensible said...

Jackie just wrote to say:
FYI - the Feeding Tree Restaurant is not demolished. It moved and is now located near a BP gas station off 163rd and Third Avenue in the Bronx.

My question: Doesn't the one on Gerard still exist?
The one I was talking about in that old reminiscence was the very old one on Morris ave.

I know about the Gerard avenue location, and it was there as of about a month ago (last time I ate there) But I don't know about anything on third.
To anyone who knows, please do send me an update as I mention in the epilogue of the book that they're still serving great food at 892 Gerard and I'd like to get it right.