People are so nice!

Yesterday I wrote an admittedly provocative piece in Slate about the whole Bob Woodward thing.
Such mail I got...and so nice too.

Here's a sampling:

Allan Jones of Los Angeles, CA wrote:

"Just where do you get this BS?
"Given the administration's outrageous conduct in leaking Plame's name, and allowing ....."
You need to adjust your tin foil hat and take some meds!

James Sramek had this to say:

Plame wasnt covert.....your "lawyer" title is a joke.
Gonna get burned....

Bush continues to out-poker all liberal pant wetters...

And some guy with Ebay in his return address wrote:
Regarding the story above, I couldn't get past the first line...
Everyone now knows that Ms. Plame was not a covert CIA operative. Why don't
you try the facts sometime?

C. Galipeau added:

In your first sentence in your article about Valerie you state that someone in the Bush administration leaked the identity of a covert CIA agent. I didn't have to read any further than that to understand you are a typical left wing nut job. First, ol' Val was not covert any longer, she was pushing a pencil in DC. Secondly, the lefty wacko theory that she was "outed" to get back at Joe Wilson has been disproven. So... that makes 2 lies in the first sentence alone. Are all liberals liars or all all liars liberal? Nitwit.

One of the things I find most interesting about all this is the consistency of the liberal hating critique. Most of the really virulent hate mail followed exactly the same pattern...

Now, of course, I got lots of thoughtful responses too (thank you Cecilia, Stephen, Mike, Michael, Cynthia, Zaynab among others), and even when someone does not agree with it's always nice to get feedback. Ok, almost always nice.

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