Cross a Cop and Watch Out...

Remember my earlier post about the undercover investigation in which a news reporter tried to obtain complaint forms from some south florida police stations? If not, the quick refresher--the reporter was refused complaint reports in 90 percent of the precincts and physically chased out of another.

Sergeant Peter Schumanich the Chaser...

Well, After exposing the images of improper police behavior in the investigative piece, the Florida reporter Mike Kirsch’s found his personal information was being flashed on the Broward Police Benevolent Association website.

Yes indeed--what is normally referred to as a BOLO or Be On The Lookout by police - a bulletin announcing a criminal who is wanted - was being used by the Broward PBA to show Mike Kirsch as a wanted man. The website went on to show Kirsch’s personal driver’s license information.

When CBS4’s attorney’s wrote a letter to the PBA, they took down the BOLO, only to put it back up days later with his personal information such as home address deleted.

This is how these guys think. To really understand what it's actually like to deal with cops, watch this video.

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