The 4th worst place in the nation to be black;

Yes indeedy, there's a new study that ranks states by how disproportionately they incarcerate black folks. And guess what? Oklahoma is the fourth worst place in the country to be black...

Blacks comprise less than 8 percent of the state's population and only half of black residents are old enough to go to prison. But Oklahoma's prison population on May 31, the most recent date available, was 28 percent black, according to the state Department of Corrections.

By comparison, whites make up almost 79 percent of the general population but just 58 percent of the prison population.

The study, entitled 'Ten Worst Places to Be Black,' was published last month by the Black Commentator, an Internet-based magazine on black social justice issues.

The study said only Wisconsin, Iowa and Texas lock up more blacks per capita than Oklahoma."

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