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Ok, enough cuttings from the book...
Here's a little legal gem: A "Not-for-profit" hospital corporation is suing indigent uninsured patients.

An extraordinary class action suit filed against uninsured patients by Sutter Health Inc., a not-for-profit hospital corporation, is business as usual for a chain that has consistently overcharged patients and used aggressive collection methods to shake down the poor, the union representing 4,500 Sutter caregivers charged today.

On Aug. 17, Sutter counter-sued uninsured patients who had filed a class action suit claiming that Sutter charged exorbitant prices. Sutter is seeking to collect the difference between what the uninsured patients paid and its inflated charges, or an amount that a judge would set as reasonable.

"With this suit, Sutter Health is being disingenuous at best, downright malicious at worst," said Sal Rosselli, president of SEIU United Healthcare Workers West. "It's an outrageous response to a class action consumer
protection lawsuit, and demonstrates that Sutter's announcement last year that it is expanding charity care eligibility and moderating collections policies were cynical PR ploys."


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