Bye Bye Bing..

A man who repeatedly called a Hong Kong judge a crook in open court is guilty of trying to intimidate the court and interfere with the administration of justice, the High Court has ruled. Bing Choy, 61, was not present in court to hear the ruling, and must now be arrested in order to face Justices Michael Hartmann and Azizul Suffiad to be sentenced for his crime.

Since 2003, Choy has indicated in letters to the court that he considers the proceedings unlawful and has never appeared in court to defend himself.

Choy, a nonlegally trained advocate, has appeared in court more than 50 times representing his own or other companies. He is renowned for verbally abusing judges.

Tuesday's conviction relates to events in 2003 when he launched a tirade against the vice president of the Court of Appeal, Anthony Rogers, calling him a crook 36 times in 30 minutes.

Choy's invective was a "sustained, scurrilous, abusive attack," an "exercise in intimidation" and "constituted in itself a form of violence," Hartmann said Tuesday.

In April 2003, while representing Phoon Lee Piling, both as its director and legal advisor, Choy asked to have Rogers disqualified from hearing his civil appeal, because "evidence" showed him to be a "crook," "dishonest" and biased.

Choy claimed that in cases from 1996 and 2000 Rogers had ruled against him in a manner that was "fraudulent" and "obstructed justice." Then in May 2003 he attacked Rogers verbally in court.

"How can a crook sit in a competent court to hear an appeal?" Choy said at the time.


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