Wake up!

Ok, I wasn't going to weigh in on this, but I keep getting these insane hopeful notes from colleagues who seem to believe that Bush's new nominee to the Supreme Court, Harriet Miers is a centrist.



The faux republican outrage is staged. This woman is a dangerous stealth candidate. She was chosen precisely because her paper trail is misleading. She is a friend of the presidents. He knows her views and he knows too that she is going to implement a radical right-wing agenda. What she wrote in the 90's and early 90's makes no difference--just like Bush's draft dodging and alcohol abuse. She, like him has been born again, and the only lens through which to view her is that one. It's why the republicans will absolutely refuse to release any recent writings.

Harriet Miers is going to be disastrous choice.


Anonymous said...

I find your opinion of her religious faith to be rather shallow & bigoted. Your central theme that "she, like him has been born again, and the only lens through which to view her is that one" is akin to saying that jews & catholics shouldn't serve either because they would view the world through only that lens. There are no born-agains on the court even though as a percentage of the population they should control 2-3 seats (at least) on the Court. Indeed, there has been a born-again on the Court since the 30s. Should we deny our faith because it doesn't agree with yours?__I am hard left, a public defender & a born-again and find your bigotry rather offensive. I would remind you that the last two democratic presidents share mine & Ms. Miers faiths._karl | 10.06.05 - 3:44 pm | #

I think that Mr. Feige is being a bit paranoid here. I'm glad she hasn't served on the bench. I'd much rather have someone who is an unknown quantity that someone who is obviously going to stick it to civil liberties._anonymous | 10.06.05 - 4:09 pm | #

Anonymous said...

With regards to the Miers nomination I say let the rightwing do what they do so well: kill eachother and eat eachother's young. The democrats, if they were smart, would maintain a low profile and let the republicans weaken eachother.