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Sick Ric Howard has provoked much commentary and some outrage on both sides of the issue. While several regular readers have weighed in with disgust at what Sick Ric did, "Anonymous" (care to sign on the dotted line next time?) in a vitriol laden rant complains that:

"By the way, whether the victims were intoxicated is irrelevant, unless it somehow made the defendant's conduct NOT reckless, right? And why is it important to you that the victims were white? If you're gonna accuse the judge, who you don't even know, of racism, why not have the balls to just do it instead of being a slimemeister?"

Well Anny, actually intoxication does make a difference--you see either driver can act to avoid an accident, the fact that the drunk (and likely coked-up) decedent barreled right into Mr. Thorton's car when he might have avoided it had he not been drunk does actually make a difference as does the fact that had the decedents been wearing seatbelts they might well not be...um...decedents. Also--Anny, you might consider that the stop sign was by all accounts poorly marked and located just past the crest of a hill--and that subsequent to the accident the county installed a sign warning of the stop ahead.

Finally, you're obviously unfamiliar with my anatomy (something, I should note that pleases me). If your reading comprehension was such that you thought I was avoiding calling the judge racist, I suggest you re-read the post or take a short course in irony and sarcasm. But just to spell it out for you: Judge Sick Ric Howard is a racist. I don't need to know someone personally to know that when they invoke sentencing a defendant's father (remember that little concept of relevancy you were tossing around?) before imposing a 30 year sentence AND the they sentenced a white guy named Richard Lee Buzby, 28, (who was in exactly the same position as Mr. Thornton) to one year in jail in 2004 after he pleaded guilty to killing two people in a 1999 car crash, well, then you're a racist.

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Anonymous said...

You still haven't posted a link to the story so your audience can gauge how much of your spiel is true and how much is your typical race-baiting knee-jerk anti-establishment professional defense attorney overstatement.

It wouldn't be the first time you played fast and loose with facts to make your hackneyed ideological points (yawn).