Bill O'Reilly Labels Foley a Democrat...

No really. Here's a screenshot from Fox News Yesterday:

Hat tip to brad blog for this one.


David Tarrell said...

O'Reilly has been calling himself a "warrior" lately, referring to his belief that he's battling a cultural war against "secular humanists." It looks like anything goes in this war of his, including misleading your viewers with false propaganda. It's shocking but it also tells us what we're up against. These people feel their power draining away and it looks like they'll sacrifice principles like the writ of habeas corpus, which originated in the Magna Carta, as well as anything resembling the truth, as you point out.

I shouldn't be surprised but I truly didn't think he would sink this low. We shouldn't misunderestimate how low they'll sink, as this screen shot shows.

Anonymous said...

You came and spoke to my Crim Pro class at DePaul a few weeks back. We discussed the pitfalls of watch words - specifically, pedophilia - to enact laws that may not have otherwise gained such support or been ushered without further tailoring. Couldn't have agreed with you more.

So now we have Foley. I'm not picking on you for sticking it to this guy either, it is deserved. However, aren't we engaging the in the same pitfalls - watch words - for politics that seemed to be so dispicable in creating legislation? Or is all fair game? Just curious.

Thanks for coming to speak to us. Homeland Security came last night. Shocking he didn't share your frustrations with the state of the Fourth Amendment. :)

Anonymous said...

Bill O'Riley might be a bloviating jackass, but he doesn't type the screen caps for his show. Saying that he did so is disingenuous and/or misleading.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, david, quit picking on those typists at The Factor! Good help is sooo hard to find these days and I'm sure Bill had no idea this was going out over the airwaves!

These trolls really are priceless... You are the one who's being "disingenious" when O'Reilly called Foley a Dem, for hours!

The hypocricy, both of the GOP leadership and the trolls, is truly staggering... and hilarious.