This is waterboarding

Just so we're clear about what the president wants the authority to the video and decide if it's torture.


David Tarrell said...

This video made me sick; it was worse than the Baghdad ER doc the pentagon warned might cause PTSD, though I think they had other reasons for keeping people from seeing what was really happening in Iraq.

But that's all the more reason to circulate it. People need to see what has just been legalized by their representatives. My hope is that when they see what's been done in their names and what's just been approved to be done with their tax dollars, they will throw all the bums who approved this out no matter the party.

I linked to the video at Digby's blog, Glenn Greenwald's and my own. People need to be sickened by this to know how far our moral authority has been dragged down since 9-11.

Mike Howard said...

Christ Almighty. That's torture, no doubt about it. I'll link to this on my blog.

Anonymous said...

That's it? That's waterboarding?

I thought it was actually tilting someone back into a tub of water or a pool or something. Yeah, it's not pleasant, but ...


I have NO problem with using this technique on our suspected enemies. I'll sleep just fine.

Thanks for the informative video.