No wonder we get a bad name sometimes.
This from Law.Com

A New York City bodega worker who was denied a public defender even though his attorney did not inform him of a potential conflict of interest, repeatedly failed to appear in court and suggested he "wasn't going to do a very good job at trial" has been given a second chance to argue a motion to vacate his guilty plea on a charge of possession of crack cocaine.

What judge denied the bodega worker a public defender?
Micki Scherer .
Now I used to think, (back when I practiced in front of her in Brooklyn), that Scherer was a decent judge, but the intervening years have changed my opinion substantially, and this does nothing to rehabilitate her.


Anonymous said...

. . . . Maybe I don't understand the venacular, but the way I read Judge Scherer's Bio she has been feeding at the government's judicial trough since her fourth year out of law school. In itself, that would be enough to make her blind to concepts such as due process.
. . . . If that's the way things work in the Big Apple, it is no wonder you had a wealth of material for Indefensible.

Anonymous said...

She is notoriously one of the worst judges in Manhattan. She cares nothing for justice.

Now she'll probably track my IP and have me disbarred...