On the road again...

I'm now at a 4-H lodge in a dry county in Kentucky to teach at the Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy.

My home for the week.

DPA has a fantastic pilot project which is beginning the process of engaging social workers in the important process of criminal defense work. This move toward "holistic" representation (pioneered by my former office The Bronx Defenders and adopted in Maryland among others) is truly an important development, and I'm lucky to be a part of it.

Mercifully there is now Internet access so blogging continues...

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Anonymous said...

I hope one of our brethren or sistren hookedyou up in one of the
"wet" counties before you got to Faubush. I know the DPA types are generous with their beverages, but even their generosity has it limits & 45 minutes is a long way to go to the nearest "wet" county. With that said, congrats on hooking up with one of the best group of PDs in the country.