The ABC's of Innocence...

Oh yes, just what we need...More innocence!

Now comes the ABC contribution to the police procedural: In Justice featuring Kyle MacLachlan of twin peaks fame as "a blustery but charismatic attorney named David Swayne. A legendary litigator, Swayne is the head of the Justice Project, a high-profile, non-profit organization made up of hungry young associates who fight to overturn wrongful convictions, liberate the falsely accused and discover the identity of those really to blame."

The hungry sexy cast...

The tease continues: "Whether the ego driven Swayne is doing this in the pursuit of justice or publicity remains to be seen. Thank goodness he has his partner, crackerjack investigator and ex-cop Charles Conti, to keep him honest. He's the serious to Swayne's swagger and together they work to rectify the mistakes of the justice system one case at a time."

An Ex Cop?
Pursuit of justice or publicity?
Discover the identify of those really to blame?

You've got to be kidding.

I'm very interested in how this one plays out, but given the promo material it's easy to see another potential stomach turner particularly given the moral simplicity of the setup.

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