The pleasures of freedom...

LIVINGSTON, Texas (AP) -- A condemned prisoner who got a taste of freedom last month when he escaped from a county jail said Wednesday his flight was worth it even though he was caught after three days on the run.

Charles Thompson

"It was great," Charles V. Thompson, 35, said from death row in his first public comments about the November 3 escape from the Harris County Jail in downtown Houston, Texas.

"I got to smell the trees, feel the wind in my hair, grass under my feet, see the stars at night. It took me straight back to childhood being outside on a summer night," he said.

Thompson said he rode trains for more than two days to the Shreveport, Louisiana, area and posed as a Hurricane Katrina refugee to get some money before he was arrested there.

"It was short lived, but I think it was worth it," he said from a tiny visiting cage outside death row in the Polunsky Unit of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Thompson said he expects to pay for his escape by getting no leniency from Texas courts in his legal appeal. He said prison officials asked if he would try another escape.

"I said, 'I don't think there's any holes in your security here,' " he said. "I'm pretty much resolved to my fate. Concrete box 23 hours a day. Just sit in there and think about how they're going to kill you."

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Anonymous said...

Interesting blog. I find your comments on the Evan Savoie case especially interesting. I personally find DA's more interesting, but it will be nice to read of the PD's side of things, although I must say I have never seen one worth mentioning. IMO, the public defense system has alot to be desired.