Do Unto Others

First let me reiterate: I don't like seeing people go to prison. It's a tragic waste in most cases. But that being said, even I have moments of Schadenfreude and the recently discovered Kozlowski sentencing letter prompted one of those moments.

Here's what happened: In 1995, Girish P. Shah was convicted of stealing about a million dollars from Tyco. He could have gotten a fairly light or a fairly heavy sentence. Kozlowski himself saw fit to write to the houston sentencing official, to recommended that the former assistant controller at Tyco 'be sentenced to incarceration for a maximum term.' The letter went on to state that stealing from a company is 'a particularly egregious crime.'

In the letter Kozlowski also went on to censure Shah for stealing from stockholders and breaching his fiduciary duty, writing that 'wrongdoing of this nature against society is considered a grave matter."

Oops. That's gonna hurt. And frankly, it should. I think it was my grandmother that said 'what goes around comes around.'

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