Many Americans Erroneously Believe O'Reilly is a Journalist

Sorry about the sporadic blogging--I was off being a talking head about Michael Jackson. I won't belabor the verdict--it was right and it represented a real step forward. Congratulations Messereau--that was a tough case and a big win.

In other news:

According to a new poll, Bill O'Reilly is more often identified as a journalist

than Bob Woodward.



Tom McKenna said...

Hey you're right... O'Reilly (who I despise) never lied about stuff like Woodward--e.g., the Deep Throat crap about moving a cloth on his balcony to signal DT, when if fact Woodward's apt. faced an interior courtyard...

The Post lost it's pulitzer under his watch as Editor of the Metro desk because his subordinate Janet Cooke's story about "Jimmy" the purported eight year old heroin addict she later admitted she made up.

Also his uncoroborated purported "conversation" with a hospitalized, comatose, heavily guarded Bill Casey (CIA director) demonstrates his unfamiliarity with the truth.

So is it surprising people don't view him as a journalist?

Anonymous said...

Thanks!! I think Ill return in the near future