Pressure mounting for Judge O'Connor's Resignation

As you recall, Judge Eileen O'Connor became a favorite target of my criticism when she put a young african american kid in jail for allegedly lying about an arrest during voire dire. (See posts here)

Well, the movement to remove her is heating up.Yesterday, the kid's advocates lashed out at the judge

The Miami Herald reports that:

"The attorney for a black 19-year-old Broward resident jailed by Broward Circuit Judge Eileen O'Connor because he allegedly lied about his arrest history during jury selection stepped up the pressure Monday for O'Connor to step down from the criminal bench.
''Time is of the essence,'' the lawyer, Bill Gelin, said at a press conference Monday at the Broward County Courthouse in Fort Lauderdale. ''Put yourself in the position of an African-American defendant. You may already think the system is stacked against you to begin with, and you read in the newspapers that the judge has not disclosed'' a racial complaint filed against her on a judicial application."

This one does not deserve to be on the bench.
(Thanks as always to Bill of The Florida Masochist)


Anonymous said...

Do you know of her current status. Has she been disbarred?

Anonymous said...

hope she is disbarred. she gave a bsd ruling on my son's coviction {two weeks to remove himself otherwise a $200.00 a day fine}