Effort to boot judge off case advances

Guess who?
Yep, my favorite evil judge Eileen O'Connor! You remember--the one who locked up the black kid who reported for jury selection, the one who, it appears, lied on her application for a judgeship, who got the government sued over her treatment of jews and minorities...yeah that one.
Now they're looking to recuse her!

The Miami Herald reports that:

Donald Tobkin, a Jewish lawyer from Golden Beach facing a felony charge of illegally selling a prescription for the painkiller oxycodone, wants Broward Circuit Judge Eileen M. O'Connor removed from his case because he alleges she is biased.

Now it will be up to an appellate court to decide whether O'Connor will remain on his case.

O'Connor could not be reached for comment late Tuesday. She has until Friday to show the higher court why she should not be recused.

In the filing the defendant asserted:
'Judge O'Connor's reported long-standing prejudices, ethnic and religious reprisals against blacks and Jews, will likely contaminate Judge O'Connor's pretrial rulings"

O'Connor denied his motion.

But on Monday, the Fourth District Court of Appeal issued an order indicating it would consider his case.

''I'm very encouraged,'' Tobkin said by phone.
Mohammed Maxwell, a defendant facing a trial on a first-degree murder charge, is also weighing a request to have O'Connor recused from his case.
Maxwell, 24, is black. His attorney, Charlie Kaplan, is Jewish.
Maxwell is expected to decide whether to ask his attorney to file such a motion Friday."

I remind dear readers to sign the petition to recall her.
It's here!


Anonymous said...

this is one of the most outrageous cases i have ever seen. not just the bias of the judge but the plotting and lying by the cops and prosecution to take down a man who is willing to stand out from the crowd and do the right thing. it's a shame the true facts of this case have not been published

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Two Halloweens ago, Judge O'connor, new to the Bench, decided it would be funny to wear a witch's hat to the courtroom. Little did we know it would be a self-fulflling prophecy. As evidenced by the wonderful artwork in the blogosphere.

This country has no idea as to what goes on in that courtroom, here, in Good Ol' Broward County. Home, of the recount in 2000. I'd like to rename our county to Hazzard. Becasue that is what justice in O'Connor's courtroom is like -- hazzardous to your health, and your client's. Will someone please get the identities of the Federal Prosecutors who sued and settled (allegedly) race and ethnic based claims with "Her Honor." They have an ethical obligation under Florida Bar Rules to disclose such conduct if it rose to the level of a lawsuit settlement. The Federal Government has an ethical obligation to get out from behind their castle. Face the music. Prosecutors have an obligation to do justice. Minorities, like these alleged Federal Prosecutors, are being hurt, like they were once hurt. STAND UP AND BLOW THE WHISTLE PLEASE WHOEVER THESE PROSECUTORS ARE. THE CASE WILL IN ALL LIKELIHOOD NOT PREVAIL UNLESS THESE PROSECUTORS HAVE THE GUTS TO OUT O'CONNOR. THEY TOOK THE MONEY, NOW PUT YOUR MOUTH WHERE IT SHOULD BE. OUT.

Anonymous said...

Judicial bias works both ways- and needs attention. I was accused by the respondent mother of my child, of "driving around Miami Beach with an imaginary machine gun shooting at little Jewish kids in front of my daughter" to a Jewish judge. I was hammered by that judge, and when the case came for final hearing- the Cuban judge didn't show up- a retired, senior, and you guessed it- Jewish judge was there to end my relationship with my child that I love more than anything. Respondent also said that I hate "all jews blacks and estonians" and my friends/witnesses that day were jew, black and Estonian- the nation where the mother lives. I have many jew friends, have had black girlfriends and was even engaged to one- and am currently engaged to a wonderful Estonian girl. I think I have to have any and all Jewish judges recused for believing this woman who suffers from either Maniac, Narcissist, or Histrionic Personality Disorder. The laws should work both ways- hope this didn't offend anyone...

Anonymous said...

Reading these comments on one judge in Broward County is not surprising. Judge Stanton Kaplan is another judge who's only rules for himself. Why have a jury if you do not listen to what they recommend for sentencing? Why not just have the judge listen to the case and rule. The judge, it is a sad fact but wants the people to vote for him but they are only a pawn, he uses them to get yhr votes. When they are a jury in this court room he lacks the respect to listen to the people who put him there and over rules their voice in puishment to flex his ego.

Anonymous said...

I don't care about the judge.
I'm concerned about this doctor/lawyer who broke the law and deserves punishment for his actions.
I knew Dr. Tobkin, many years ago and before he went to the dark side.
He was the family doctor and I worked with him in the hospital as an R.N.
His behavior in selling that perscription after approaching this undercover cop on the street with his business appropriate was that.
As soon as he asked her and she said she had gotten her previous meds. off the streets, he knew she was an addict.
You don't start perscribing oxy with out a full physical and radiological tests/copies of such that are in the records.
He's a drug dealer....just that he is in a suit and tie.