Guards Acquitted In Jail Brawl Lawsuit

Despite testimony by Roger Fairley, a former Cook County correctional officer who said he saw his fellow guards beating four handcuffed and shackled inmates in a holding room. Fairley testified that at one point he begged the guards, "`Stop it, that's enough, you're going to kill them.'" All the Guards were Acquitted In less than an hour. And you wonder why they run amok?


WxWolf said...

I believe this happens all the time and it's the Cos that wins because whos going to believe a con? a Felon whos in prison? I somehow believe in the inmates.

Check this website (This isn't mine) and you see how some of the inmates are treated... Especially the incident with Rudy Delgado.... DO NOT LOOK AT HIS LINK IF YOU HAVE a weak stomach. It shows a graphic funeral picture of him and the reason why the funeral refused to do a waking on him :( Just check out why :(

Anonymous said...

It's amazing that you guys pontificate about the right to trial by jury and complain about police misconduct... then when the police are actually charged, but then acquitted by the sacred jury, you still complain.

Let's make this simple: they're NOT GUILTY, and I think the jury probably has more information than you.

Indefensible said...

Whoa--hold on there--I agree with you. The jury has spoken and they are, indeed not guilty. I also agree that the jury had more information than I did. BUT--that doesn't mean I can't look at the system of prison abuse or opine on the why verdicts like this mean that guards aren't deterred from the bad behavior I think we'd all agree exists in our prisons.

Anonymous said...

So you want to stick your head in the sand and say the jury had more information. Why do you say this did you say the same thing when OJ was acquitted... NO most said it was a wrong verdict. So please lets stop the B*LL.
Fact is we look down our nose at cons and make them lower than a dog in our world.
Do you think because a man dress in a uniform and works for the police or in this case prison system he is good and just and could not do this crime?
Wake up people and not be so stupid i support the first comment that was made in this case by brittany. The other two needs to needs to wake up.