Staying awake one of biggest challenges of Enron trial

I love this headline:Staying awake no easy task at Enron trial Here's what the Houston Chronicle has to say about the case:

--The judge started a coffee habit just to keep from drifting off. A juror, lawyer and journalist regularly close their eyes. And a court officer once actually had to jostle awake a guy in the front row. No, the Enron Internet trial can't be confused with a swashbuckling adventure movie. It's not like a page-turning thriller. This is No-Doz country.

Jack Zimmermann

When one of the defense lawyers in the Enron Internet trial — which enters its 10th week Monday — asked U.S. District Judge Vanessa Gilmore what to do if a juror naps, she, like other judges, said it's the lawyers' problem.

"That's y'alls problem. That means the case is boring," she told attorney Jack Zimmermann well before the technology-heavy Enron Broadband Services case entered its third month. "I can barely stay awake. I don't even drink coffee, and I'm drinking it every day."

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