I'm on trial, so Blogging might be a bit sporadic...

I'm trying that case in which Officer Roughneen broke my client's arm in three places causing her permanent nerve damage. I crossed him today--he's huge, about 6'1" and built like a wrestler. My little client, meanwhile is a slight 40+ year old woman.

I'd forgotten how physical trials are for me--sweat and adrenaline had a viscous effect on my body and already I'm exhausted and achy and we haven't even gotten to the sleeplessness.

What's really funny is that in a certain way not that much is at stake -- it's a misdemeanor trial--and yet the truth and equities are so profoundly on our side that the case feels huge to me emotionally. This poor woman was so awfully abused, and the system has treated her so badly, and the DA's office has acted so awfully in failing to dismiss the case that this is just one of those must-win cases. Nothing else will do, nothing but a full vindication at trial would be even remotely satisfactory. The reality is that in a case like this--that really rare case (I might even say once-in-a-carreer case) where there really is outrageous police abuse, very serious physical injury, and an utterly inexcusable prosecution, for there to be any semblance of justice, someone has to be strong enough to just say "Not Guilty."

One nice moment--officer Roughneen, who says he never saw my client get injured and never caused any of her injuries, it turns out said the same thing in a different lawsuit where he and his buddies broke someone else's bone. But in that case, his own department didn't even believe him and discipline was recommended against him and instead of going to trial, he pled guilty. Here despite what he doesn't see, there are horrible bruises all over my client's body--bruises for which Roughneen has no excuse or explanation.

We continue tomorrow....

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