Adelphia Founder Gets 15 Years, Son, 20.

John Rigas and his son Tim got banged yesterday for using Adelphia communications as their own private piggy bank. Aging John got 15 years, his son, 20.

John Rigas
Now White collar crime begs some very complicated questions. Indeed, Andy Serwer at fortune laments:
"Founder John got 15, but he's 80 and in poor health. His son Timothy got 20. Forgive me, but I cannot see giving life sentences for non-capital crimes." I hope he takes the time to make that point in his Fortune column the next time an aging drug defendant gets a functional life sentence. We'll see.

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pandora said...

Hi David,
I am an old intern of Mark Katz's at adelphia, and would very much like to get back in touch with him, could you please forward him my email or send me his? Sorry for the unrelated content, but yours was the only relevant entry for Mark on Google. Thanks in advance.