PD's Stand Up to Judge Eileen O'Connor

Regular readers know why former prosecutor EILEEN O'CONNOR made my list of horrible judges:
--First for sending a young african-american juror to jail for four months post here
--Then for lying about her qualifications on her application to become a judge post here
--Then for her racist and anti-semitic attitudes (revealed in lawsuits which named her which the government settled) post here

And just this morning: The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that : "Broward Circuit Judge Eileen O'Connor has a policy that forces criminal defendants to take plea deals or live in fear that refusing will result in harsher sentences. The Public Defender's Office argues that O'Connor is improperly taking on a prosecutorial role and she's not examining cases on their individual merits."

The PD's office has moved to have her recused from the case of a 42 year old man charged with stealing batteries.

I have said before and I'll repeat. This woman should not be a judge. You can sign the Petition to Help remove Judge Eileen O’Connor from the bench here.

(Thanks to Bill Jempty of The Florida Masochist for the tip!)


Anonymous said...

What is the process of removing a judge from office?

Anonymous said...

Jeb Bush has already said he has no authority over whether a judge stays or goes...it is up to the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission. You can send your comments to the JQC.

Anonymous said...

She is one of the most unfair, biased, arrogant judges I have ever seen in a courtroom! I hope she is removed in a speedy process before she ruins any more lives.

Anonymous said...

i recently had the displeasure of sitting through a trial overseen by judge oconnor. She was the most biased judge i could imagine and left me inserious doubt about our legal system.

Satisfied Defendant said...

I have been a Defendant in her courtroom. All I saw was a Judge who asked Defendants to SHOW their remorse and not just have their Lawyer SAY they were sorry; and what's wrong with that? When a Defendant did show that his Offense was just an aberration, she was quite fair and just. FYI, from what I've heard, ALL Judges will usually give a harsher sentence if one doesn't take a fair plea offer.......