April's Fool

Yep! That's him--that's the guy I believe is behind the hilarious FAX purporting to be from the Manhattan DA's office.

Part of that FAX is printed in a post below, but I left out another choice paragraph.

"I hope you will take the time to consider the possibility of a ten week position as a practitioner-in-residence with the Office of the Manhattan District Attorney. The position comes with a negotiable $18,000 stipend. I hope you'll agree to meet with me and several members of the staff at an informal plenary meeting at which we can introduce ourselves and the program and answer any questions you may have."

Brilliant. Except for the part about me selling defense lawyer secrets for 18 grand.
Just a day before April Fools day--Naw...not for a minute.
It's gotta be Jaffe...or maybe, just maybe, it's Schooch...

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